Student Life

ECE Student Life was set up under the Office of the Deputy Head for Undergraduate Program and Student Life in 2012. Its main aim is to enrich the ECE student’s educational experience in the Department by promoting greater interaction and engagement between students and faculty members. In the process, it is hoped that the student will gain a more holistic experience which also prepares them as mature all-rounders for life after graduation.

ECE Student Life strategizes to work with industry partners, alumni members and the NUS Career Office to create more exposure and internship opportunities for students. We plan to coordinate with companies on setting up industrial visits and company open houses so that the students will be able to gain some insights on industries before stepping out into the working world.

Alumni Sharing Session

An Alumni Sharing Session was organized by the ECE Club and supported by the department. This event was held in the evening of 20 March 2013. 6 distinguished alumni from different industries were invited to share their personal insights into their industries and give practical advice on student’s career development.

Student Life Sharing Session

A Student Life Sharing Session was organized, by the Student Life section of the department, which not only gave the students an overview of the range of readily available services (For example, Counselling & Psychological Services, Career Services and ECE Student Life) but also an interesting portion on “Be what you are: Discover your career path through the secrets of personality type”. It reinforced that work will be satisfying if it interests one and allows one to do the things one enjoy. Even though work can be interesting and enjoyable for one, it may not be suitable for another due to people’s differing personalities.

Movie Night

A Movie Night was organized to welcome the students back to the new semester in AY2012/2013 sem 2. This was held on 6 Feb 2013 at Shaw Foundation Alumni House. Our students interacted with one another, chill-out and relax over superb dinner before the computer-animated fantasy comedy film, Brave, was showed in the theatre.

Staff Freshmen BBQ Party

The department specially organized a Staff Freshmen BBQ Party on 17 Aug 2012 at the Town Green in University Town. It was aimed to promote interactions between faculty members and students. It was a meaningful occasion for the freshmen to be introduced to their academic advisors. The enjoyable evening was filled with a series of programs such as games and great performances put up by acoustic soft rock band and the ECE professors. Moreover, everyone was treated to a sumptuous buffet bbq dinner with wonderful treats such as popcorn, candy floss and ice-cream. It was a night filled with loads of fun mingling with each other.

Student Life Corner

A Student Life Corner is created to provide a conducive environment for students to work and interact. It also aims to provide a social gathering point for students and staffs to strengthen the relationships between student and faculty and amongst students. It will serve to catalyze social interaction, serendipitous meetings and impromptu conversations. Students are welcome to utilize this conducive space for interaction and work at any time.

Buddy System

A Buddy System is set up to help freshmen ease into University lives quickly and smoothly. Interested freshmen will be paired with senior volunteers of similar backgrounds. These senior buddies will act as resource people whom freshmen can approach for valuable and useful advices. This will be a great opportunity for freshmen to form new friendships with seniors and peers.

Do sign up at this link if you are interested to join this buddy system.

If you would like to volunteer to be a senior buddy, do sign up at here.

Industrial Visit to Continental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd

An industrial visit was organized to the R&D centre at Continental Automotive Singapore Pte. Ltd. The R&D centre is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to invest in fresh knowledge and new ideas. Eventually, it increases its innovative prowess with highly qualified staff. Students were able to catch a rare glimpse of their work as innovator of new technology for the Asian region and beyond. It was indeed an opportunity for the students to find out more about the company.

Recruitment Drive Talks

Talks were organized with several companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited and Institute for Infocomm Research- A*Star throughout the semester to give the students a chance to know more about these companies and the work lives in there. Students were encouraged to interact with the employees of these companies before applying for positions offered by them.

Maths and Physics Refresher / Bridging Classes

These sessions are designed for Year 1 students who feel they need more help and clarification in math and physics concepts. Concepts, tips and tricks related to different topics were taught by ECE Seniors or Professors. Look out for emails for information of dates and venues and come join in the learning!


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