Student Life

ECE Student Life was set up under the Office of the Deputy Head for Undergraduate Programmes and Student Life in 2012 with the objective of providing a rich and holistic experience for ECE students beyond the classroom learning experience. The goal is to transform ECE students into mature, well-informed and confident all-rounders to thrive in the working world after graduation.

To this end, ECE Student Life has been organizing various social events and leveraging on social media (specifically, Facebook) to promote greater interaction and engagement between students and ECE faculty. In addition, ECE Student Life works closely with industry partners, alumni and the NUS Centre for Future-Ready Graduates to create more industry exposure and internship opportunities for ECE students. Industry visits and talks, alumni and internship sharing sessions, and an enhanced industrial attachment fair are some of the events that ECE Student Life has organized. More recently, an Undergraduate Student Council was established to assist ECE Student Life in its mission.

Structure & Objectives

The ECE Undergraduate Student Council (USC) was set up under ECE Student Life in 2014. The USC primarily comprises of year 1 to year 4 EE and CEG cohort representatives, ECE scholars, and the presidents of three student clubs, namely, the ECE Club, IEEE NUS Student Branch and IEEE HKN NUS Chapter. The USC Executive Committee comprises of the USC president and vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Guiding the USC are four staff advisors, namely, A/Prof Marc Armand, A/Prof Prahlad Vadakkepat, Dr Qiu Cheng Wei, and Ms Nicole Phua.

One of the objectives of the USC is to serve as the voice for the undergraduate student body to make a difference in their University experience. They will work closely with the Department’s management to address student concerns, opinions and suggestions as well as be involved in some of the Department’s decision making processes.

Another objective of the USC is to provide a rich and holistic experience for ECE students through a wide range of activities. The USC will bring the presidents of the three student clubs together to work collaboratively and synergistically, and will provide checks and balances as needed. The USC will also engage ECE students in engineering-focused community projects. Through these activities, students get a chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom to develop ECE solutions to real-life problems, and are reminded not to forget others who may be less fortunate than them in one way or another. These activities will also help create greater awareness about ECE technologies and hopefully attract future generations of students to study ECE. In addition, Student Life activities previously organized by the Department such as the Freshmen Party, will be organized by the USC in future with the aim of making these activities more consistent with the interests and aspirations shared by the student body.

Given the challenging demands of the EE and CEG programmes and the possible distractions and difficulties that students might encounter along the way, it is not uncommon to see students stumbling and falling along the way. Hence, another objective of the USC is to provide an extra safety net for ECE students with its team of student counsellors who will be trained to identify and understand at-risk behaviours, listen actively, and so on.

Members of the 1st USC

Alexander Toh Kang Jun, President
Lim Yi Hong, Vice President
Mohammad Abdullah Sadi, Secretary
Rebekah Low Jin Yan, Treasurer
Chen Si, EEE Year 1 Cohort Rep
Lim Yu Ke, EEE Year 2 Direct- Entry Cohort Rep
Tean Zheng Yang, CEG Year 2 Cohort Rep
Wang Ke, EEE Year 3 Cohort Rep
Chen Qiuni, EEE Year 3 Direct- Entry Cohort Rep
Shi Bohan, ECE Scholar
Joanne Tan Si Ying, ECE Scholar
Tay Hock Boon Marcus, ECE Scholar
Chan Wai Cheung, ECE Scholar
Jason Ang Jian Zhong, ECE Scholar
Ma Danna, ECE Club President
Kou Ling, IEEE President
Lim Chai Hou Danny, IEEE- HKN President
Xu Yinghao, IEEE- HKN Vice President

1st USC Initiation Ceremony

The inaugural USC Initiation Ceremony took place on 19 September 2014 at the Engineering Auditorium. It was a proud moment for a very special group of students, as they stepped forward to take up their roles in the USC as student leaders, to serve the student body. The USC President, Alexander Toh, led his fellow council members to recite the USC Oath, marking their formal entrance into the NUS ECE community.

Student Leadership Programme

USC members will be groomed to be effective student leaders through a Student Leadership Programme comprising workshops on leadership, and a shadowing programme which gives them the opportunity to spend a day in the life of a leader in the industry.

One such workshop, entitled “Effective Communication Skills for Student Leaders”, allows them to discover their personal communications strength and barriers with an advanced profiling tool. USC members aim to master ways to get their message across to the team they are managing with ease and effectiveness. They learn how to pre-empt the key areas of conflicts and misunderstandings so that they can side-step them ahead of time.

Alumni Sharing Session

An Alumni Sharing Session was organized by the ECE Club and supported by the department. This event was held in the evening of 20 March 2013. 6 distinguished alumni from different industries were invited to share their personal insights into their industries and give practical advice on student’s career development.

Student Life Sharing Session

Student Life Sharing Sessions, organized by the ECE Student Life office, gave students an overview of the range of readily available services within the University (e.g. counselling and psychological services, career advising). In particular, one of these sessions was on “Be what you are: Discover your career path through the secrets of personality type”. It reinforced that work will be satisfying if it interests one and allows one to do the things one enjoy. Even though work can be interesting and enjoyable for one, it may not be suitable for another due to people’s differing personalities.

Internship Sharing Session

Internship Sharing Sessions were organized by the ECE Student Life office. The first event was held in the afternoon of 18 October 2013. 9 ECE students who have interned at different industries were invited to share their valuable working experiences in these industries and encourage the juniors to start planning for their career as early as possible.

PhD Sharing Session

The first PhD Sharing Session was organized by the ECE Student Life office and took place on 12 September 2014. The Deputy Head of Research & Graduate Programmes, Prof Lim Teng Joon, kicked off the event with a talk on the value of a PhD, following which was a sharing session by several PhD students who shared their thoughts on the same and what they do on a daily basis in their journey to discovery. The event gave our senior undergraduate students the opportunity to explore their suitability for an academic/research career and discover how a PhD can catapult them ahead in such a career.

Movie Night

A Movie Night was organized to welcome the students back to the new semester in AY2012/2013 sem 2. This was held on 6 Feb 2013 at Shaw Foundation Alumni House. Our students interacted with one another, chill-out and relax over superb dinner before the computer-animated fantasy comedy film, Brave, was showed in the theatre.

Staff Freshmen Party

Each year from 2012 to 2014, the Department held a Freshmen Party for ECE freshmen at Town Green, University Town. The aim of the ECE Freshmen Party is to promote interaction between ECE faculty and students by providing the opportunity for our freshmen to be introduced to their academic advisors in an informal setting. The evening at the party has always been enjoyable, thanks to an eventful programme packed with games and musical performances put up by students and ECE professors. Moreover, everyone is treated to a sumptuous dinner with wonderful treats. Many just had loads of fun mingling and making new friends.

Year End Party

The ECE Year End Party 2014 was held on 8 May 2014 at Kent Ridge Guild House. This event was specially organized by ECE Student Life to celebrate the hard work that ECE undergraduates and academic staff members had put in this academic year. At the same time, this would be a meaningful farewell occasion for the graduating students. It was a wonderful time for the students to mix and mingle with their fellow course mates and faculty members.

Student Life Corner

A Student Life Corner is created to provide a conducive environment for students to work and interact. It also aims to provide a social gathering point for students and staffs to strengthen the relationships between student and faculty and amongst students. It will serve to catalyze social interaction, serendipitous meetings and impromptu conversations. Students are welcome to utilize this conducive space for interaction and work at any time.

Facebook Cohort Group

A few seniors set up a Facebook Cohort Group to help freshmen ease into University lives quickly and smoothly. These seniors, who are also the administrators of the Facebook Cohort Group, will act as resource people whom freshmen can approach for valuable and useful pieces of advice. This platform provides great opportunity for freshmen to form new friendships with seniors and peers. This Facebook Cohort Group system has been running for 2 consecutive years already.

For 2014/15 intake, you can join the group here.

For 2013/14 intake, you can join here.

For 2012/13 intake, you can join here.

Enhanced Industrial Attachment Fair

The first Enhanced Industrial Attachment (eIA) Fair was held on 5 September 2014. The eIA programme is a new and exciting programme which students can embark on in Sem 2 of their third year of study. In this programme, they will work as an intern in a company for six months, with the possibility of extension by another six months, during which the work that they do will constitute a Final Year Project (FYP). During the period of extension, students will, in addition, be permitted to return to campus one day a week to read some modules. The first eIA Fair showcased 7 electronics MNCs and offered ECE students the opportunity to explore and discover internship opportunities that are right for them.

Industrial Visits and Tours

Several industrial visits and tours were organized by the Student Life section of the department. In the past two years, students visited Continental Automotive Singapore Pte.Ltd, Exxon Mobil Plant Tour, Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) Industry Site Visit and Schneider Electric. Students were able to catch a rare glimpse of the work at these companies. It was indeed an opportunity for the students to find out more about the company.

Industrial Talks

Several talks were organized by the Student Life section of the department. Talks with these companies, such as DSO National Laboratories, Inphi Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Institute for Infocomm Research- A*Star, Open Compute Project for Facebook, FMC Technologies, Schneider Electric, SEMI South East Asia, SIA Engineering Company and ST Electronics (Satellite system), occurred though out the academic year. This gave the students a chance to know more about these companies and the work lives in there. Students were encouraged to interact with the employees of these companies before applying for positions offered by them.


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