Tay Teng Tiow

Selected Publications
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Controller using Set Membership Identification", IEEE Transaction on 
Automatic Control, vol 37, no 10, Oct 1992, pp1542-1548.	

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Performance Approach", IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control, vol 40, 
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Tay, T T and S W Tan, Fuzzy Systems as Parameter Estimators of Non-
Liner Dynamic Functions. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and 
Cybernetics, 27, no. 2 (April 1997): 313-326.

T.T.Tay, I.Y.Mareels, J.B.Moore, "High Performance Control", 
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Applications, 1999, 344 pages.

Tay, T T and Y Chu, Protecting Integrity in a Distribuited Computing 
Platform. International Conference on Scientific & Engineering 
Computation, 3-5 December 2002, Singapore.

T.T. Tay, Y. Zhang	, "Minimal web patch generation for incremental 
web caching", IEE Proceedings - Communications, Volume 152, Issue 02, 
2005, pg 185.	
TT Tay, KS Ng, Y Pan, "HW/SW Co-design for Low Power Arithmetic and 
Logic Units", International Journal of Software and Knowledge 
Engineering, vol 15 no 2, 2005, pg 335-341.