TOPIC Output Consensus of Heterogeneous Linear Multi-agent Systems by Event-triggered Control 
AREA Control, Intelligent Systems & Robotics  
SPEAKER Professor Gary Feng, City University of Hong Kong 
DATE 27 May 2015, Wednesday 
TIME Between 9.30 am to 12 noon 
VENUE Seminar Rooms, 8th Floor (8D-1 & 8D-2), Temasek Laboratories,5A Engineering Drive 1, National University of Singapore  
FEES No Charge 

In this talk, distributed even-triggered control algorithms will be presented for output consensus of heterogeneous multi-agent systems with linear dynamics, with the objective to reduce the number of controller updates and communication exchanges. It is shown that the output consensus problem can be solved by the proposed event-triggered control algorithms if a necessary and sufficient condition is satisfied. Then a self-triggered control scheme is also developed, where continuous monitoring of measurement errors can be avoided. The feasibility of both proposed control schemes is discussed by excluding both singular triggering and Zeno behavior. It is also shown that agents are able to achieve output consensus with significant reduction of the number of triggering events, controller updates and communication transmission. As a result, energy can be saved and the lifespan of the agents can be prolonged. A numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed control schemes. 

Prof. Gary Feng received his BEng and MEng in from Nanjing Aeronautical Institute, and the PhD from the University of Melbourne. He is currently a Chair Professor and a Vice Provost at City University of Hong Kong. He has received IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Outstanding Paper Award, Best Paper Award of IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks and Signal Processing and Best Theoretical Paper Award in the 2nd World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation. His research interests include intelligent systems and control, networked control systems, and multi-agent systems and control. Prof. Feng is an IEEE Fellow. 

Jointly organized by: IEEE Singapore Control Systems Chapter, Temasek Laboratories@NUS & NUS ECE Centre for Intelligent Control  

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