WinPIC Programmer User Guide


WinPIC is a PIC microcontroller Programmer for Windows. Its software archive can be found at



1. To Download:


(1)   WinPicSetup.exe

(2)   Readme.txt

(3)   Device folder


2. To Install:



3.  To Setup:



¨      Under Interface Type, choose JDM(2) for serial port

¨      Click on the “Initialise!” button.

ü      The LED on the programmer board will be “ON”.

ü      Under Interface Test, the following option boxes will be selected:

(1)   Vpp (+13V)

(2)   Clock

(3)   Data (to PIC)


¨      Under Programmer Options, ensure only the following are checked (and do not select the rest)

ü      program CODE memory

ü      program DATA memory

ü      use BULK ERASE (to unprotect)

ü      automatic disconnect from target

ü      verify at different supply voltages

¨      Under I/O Port Access Driver, select use SMPORT driver (slow but reliable)

¨      Under Other Options, at the MPLAB DEV – file directory, locate the Device folder that was copied earlier.


·        Click on the “Device, Config” tab:

¨      From the drop-down list, choose the correct part to be programmed into - PIC16F877

¨      If prompted with the following dialog box:




Vpp / Vdd switching sequence possibly wrong

Conflicting Vpp / Vdd switching sequence on the Options tab. Change the sequence to match the new device info?







                        Select “Yes”.


4.  To Program a PIC:

·        Insert a PIC chip into the ZIF socket on the programmer board.

·        Click "Messages" tab to monitor error or completion messages.

·        Click File-Load to open the program Hex file  

·        Click Device-Program(CODE+DATA) to program the PIC.

·        If everything is successful, “Programming finished, no errors” will appear at the Status Bar on completion.


·       Note: The LED should remain “ON” at all times, until the WinPic-PIC Programmer window is closed.